A great variety.
Always fresh.

Well, you can actually buy good taste! The assortment of the BACKSTUBA ranges from classic dark rye and white bread or rustic specialties from the Ötztal to contemporary whole-grain and multi-grain creations. Majorly made with sourdough, always thoroughly formed by hand and baked gently. Be it round, oval or box- shaped – they come with the perfect crumb from the first to the last bite. Every day freshly baked, always delicious.

And don't forget about our sweet creations. Be it cakes, classic 'Apfelstrudel' or local sweet dishes and unique pastry – at the BACKSTUBA everyone will find something to their taste. According to the season, we stock up with specialties such as Christmas cookies and 'Ötztaler Zelten', jelly doughnuts and special Easter pastries.

As the head baker Thomas is constantly working on new, delicious recipes and creations, the complete assortment will be ready for you as of November 2021. In the shop or conveniently delivered to your home.